Conservation at Pamushana - Zimbabwe

Our conservation objective is to restore and sustain the historic biodiversity of the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve.

In addition to the benefits for the reserve, it is envisaged that lessons learned here will help to derive best practice protocols that will have application in other conservation initiatives, both regionally and internationally.

On the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, which is home to Singita Pamushana Lodge, the Malilangwe Trust have adopted a scientific approach to conservation. The management practice is underpinned by rigorous scientific research conducted by an on-site research department.

Research is directed at understanding how the Malilangwe ecosystem works and findings are used by the wildlife department to tailor management activities that ensure natural functioning of the key ecological processes.

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CommunityCadet Ranger Programme

The Malilangwe Trust’s Cadet Ranger Programme in Zimbabwe is aimed at young men aged 16-18, and empowers them to enter the job market and become valuable members of their community. Rural areas in Zimbabwe offer scant opportunities for training, which means young people often face very uncertain futures once they leave school. This real need…

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BiodiversityLionscape Coalition

Singita has joined forces with three of Africa’s other leading ecotourism operators to launch The Lionscape Coalition. Together with &Beyond, Wilderness Safaris, Conservation Travel Foundation by Ultimate Safaris, Asilia Africa, Dazzle Africa and Great Plains Conservation Singita is working to secure a future for these big cats and their natural habitat. In just 25 years,…

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SustainabilityLand Use & Wildlife

Protecting and restoring biodiversity and creating new natural habitats through good land use and integration into the built environment.   As this is such a significant aspect of Singita’s operations, this principle is separately managed under the umbrella of Biodiversity by our environmental teams. For our approach and details of these initiatives visit the Biodiversity…

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3 Focus Areas of Conservation
Our conservation partners strive to restore, improve and protect the biodiversity of the ecosystems under our care to ensure they are functioning as close as possible to their natural, undisturbed state. Read more Play video
Community programmes assist communities to thrive economically and socially in harmony with the natural environment. Programmes have three main objectives: well-educated children; the development of small enterprises; and an improved awareness of conservation and sustainable daily living practices.Read more Play video
At Singita, a sustainable world is one in which people enjoy happy, healthy lives within their fair share of the earth’s resources, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness.Read more Play video
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