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Travel and tourism are absolutely essential in the fight to preserve Africa’s last remaining wild spaces. Without our guests, the landscapes and wildlife under our care, and the communities that depend on their existence, are more vulnerable than ever.

Join us every Friday for a special virtual safari streamed live on YouTube and Facebook to raise funds for our partner Funds & Trusts who carry out important conservation and community projects.

Join our specialist Field Guides who will take you on a unique journey through Singita Sabi Sand in South Africa and Singita Grumeti in the Serengeti, exploring its spectacular landscape and observing the iconic wildlife that call these pristine wilderness areas home.

In return, we ask that you support our conservation and community efforts by making a donation to one of the projects.

Watch and donateYour generosity will allow us to support meaningful community and conservation projects and in this region.See Projects
“If tourism collapses, the ripple effect could wipe out decades of proactive conservation work on the continent.”– Luke Bailes, Singita’s founder and Executive Chairman
Projects you are supporting
Emergency Food Relief Programme - South Africa

The devastating impact of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown on communities surrounding Sabi Sand in South Africa has left many families without food. This unfolding crisis prompted the Sabi Sand NPO Forum – a group of non-profit organisations in the region – to step in and provide food parcels to families in need.

Singita Lowveld Trust will temporarily shift its focus from its Early Childhood Development (ECD) Resource Drive to join the Sabi Sand NPO Forum’s initiative and support these communities with much-needed emergency food relief.

For just $32, you can sponsor a food parcel that will feed a family of four for a month. Each parcel contains basic staples like maize meal, rice, pilchards, baked beans and peanut butter, offering essential nourishment to people in need.

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Anti-poaching scouts – Zimbabwe

The Malilangwe Scouts are at the forefront of the fight and these brave men play a key role in the efforts of the Malilangwe Trust to combat illegal poaching. The Scouts’ impact is a testimony to their calibre and commitment, and not only does the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve have one of the highest rhino densities on the continent, but there's also been no snaring on the property for the past 8 years.

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Rhino Relocation – Tanzania

Two years ago, the Grumeti Fund made a commitment to bring black rhino back to the Serengeti ecosystem and since then the Ikorongo Black Rhino Re-establishment Project has successfully translocated ten rhino who now live wild within the Singita Grumeti reserve. We are helping to raise $500,000 to support the next translocation of eastern black rhino to the Western Serengeti. Your donation could help to save a species on the brink of extinction.

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Anti-Poaching Unit - South Africa

One of the most critical aspects of the Singita Lowveld Trust’s ongoing conservation work is ensuring our around-the-clock anti-poaching patrols go uninterrupted.

The deployment of anti-poaching scouts, a highly-trained canine unit and innovative monitoring technology makes this an extremely costly and resource-intensive operation; the annual basic running cost of the canine unit alone runs in excess of $250,000. The up-front and ongoing investment into safeguarding our wildlife is significant, and the current absence of revenues from our lodges places this project and many others at considerable risk.

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About the Funds and Trusts
Grumeti FundGrumeti Fund is the proud custodian of 350,000 acres of the Serengeti ecosystem and is our non-profit conservation partner in Tanzania. The application of a holistic adaptive management approach that takes into account the complex interactions between the various elements of this savannah system, ensures the continued protection of the Singita Serengeti concessions.
Singita Lowveld TrustThe Singita Lowveld Trust is our non-profit partner in South Africa; an independent organisation responsible for bringing our conservation vision to life by driving forward strategic and critical conservation initiatives that fulfil our commitment to biodiversity, sustainability and community partnerships.
Malilangwe TrustIn Zimbabwe, Malilangwe Trust, our non-profit conservation has adopted a scientific approach to conservation. The management practice is underpinned by rigorous scientific research conducted by an on-site research department coupled with on-the-ground conservation efforts by dedicated teams to counteract poachers driving species to the brink of extinction.