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All our conservation work, including this project, is born of our love for Africa and our need to protect it. Become a part of preserving Africa’s legacy for future generations.

Helping to create tomorrow’s female conservation leaders

In October 2018, the Grumeti Fund and BRAVE hosted the first-ever all-women run across the Serengeti wilderness to raise funds for girl and women empowerment programmes.

Runners of all levels joined this once-in-a-lifetime all-women run across the vast Serengeti plains, a three-day running journey of women united for a common cause. 

This unique event forms part of Singita’s brand-new collection of conservation safaris called Safaris with a Purpose. Helping to create the next generation of female leaders in conservation is the specific focus of the fundraising which provided participants with an opportunity to make a profound contribution to this cause.


Details of the experience:
  • The group of women spent five nights at Singita Explore, a luxurious, exclusive-use tented safari camp with a prime position to view pristine wilderness and the wildlife of the Serengeti. In line with Singita's long-standing commitment to women's empowerment programmes in the Serengeti, a portion of the nightly rate was subsidised as further support of this initiative.
  • The first day of this experience included a solidarity ‘fun run’ with girls from the local community. Hundreds of high school girls arrived for the empowerment talks and a 3km run through the village with the participants. The day ended with a career fair hosted by employees of Singita and the Grumeti Fund.
  • Each day, the group would set out to run their chosen distance of 10km or 30km. Accompanied by the Grumeti Fund anti-poaching scouts, the runners had the opportunity to witness the abundance of wildlife while traversing the Serengeti plains on foot.
  • Evenings were spent around the fire at Singita Explore, a close-to-nature tented camp set up in remote locations throughout the reserve. Meals prepared oaver the fire were enjoyed while sharing stories of an incredible experience.
  • The final day allowed the group to relax and experience an immersive conservation demonstration where they were able to learn more about Grumeti Fund’s incredible conservation projects.
The impact of participating in the Serengeti Girls Run:
  • The run aims to raise funds and awareness about the challenges facing girls and women living in nearby communities and seek sustainable solutions.
  • The main focus is on opportunities for women to become leaders in conservation in their communities and countries.
  • Grumeti Fund programmes include secondary school, vocational studies and university scholarships, life skills and enterprise development training, environmental education and internships.
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