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All our conservation work, including this project, is born of our love for Africa and our need to protect it. Become a part of preserving Africa’s legacy for future generations.

The Malilangwe Trust’s Cadet Ranger Programme in Zimbabwe is aimed at young men aged 16-18, and empowers them to enter the job market and become valuable members of their community. Rural areas in Zimbabwe offer scant opportunities for training, which means young people often face very uncertain futures once they leave school.

This real need prompted the development of the Cadet Ranger Programme, which was launched in December 2018. It encompasses a range of valuable skills and students acquire in-depth knowledge in five core subjects: Bushcraft, tracking and traditional skills; Conservation education; Leadership and personal development; First Aid; and Personal health and hygiene.

The Programme not only instills a much-needed sense of hope in the community, but also unlocks the vast potential of the enthusiastic young men who complete it. The skills they learn significantly increase their future employment prospects, and also benefit the community, as skills such as first aid are rare commodities in an area where medical help is often hours away.

With enough financial support, we hope to expand the Programme, bringing hope to more young people.

Support the Cadet Ranger Programme:
  • The ongoing success of the Cadet Ranger Programme and other projects in the region is dependent on the kind generosity of donors.
  • Fund a student for USD 1,500 per year
  • Fund the entire programme: USD 30, 000 per year
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