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Fluency in English in the context of Tanzania is a form of human capital that is useful in seeking employment.  There is a pattern whereby higher-prestige jobs tend to employ English speakers due to a low supply.  For the average Tanzanian however, English language skills are difficult to acquire. Nationally, government primary schools are taught in Swahili while secondary schools are taught in English.  Transitioning from one language medium to another proves challenging for many students and plays a role in academic performance and school dropouts.  Without a degree, formal employment opportunities for youth are immediately limited.


The Grumeti Fund’s English immersion project is structured to help youth achieve higher levels of education by enhancing the skills of teachers to teach English and building confidence among youth to learn English as a second language. If the quality of English language instruction in primary schools is enhanced, and students gain greater confidence and interest in speaking English, students will be better equipped to advance in their school studies, thus opening doors to continued education and rewarding careers.

Key Successes:

Number of English immersion campers in 2017


Number of English immersion campers in 2018

How it works:
  • Primary school English teachers, through training, are equipped with new techniques and planning tools to more effectively teach English in their classrooms. 
  • English immersion camps, filled with games, songs and interactive play are instrumental in giving primary school students the confidence to speak English and the interest to learn more. 
How to help:
  • Sponsor an English teacher for a one-week intensive training: $700 per teacher
  • Sponsor a primary school student for a one-week English immersion camp: $300 per camper
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