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All our conservation work, including this project, is born of our love for Africa and our need to protect it. Become a part of preserving Africa’s legacy for future generations.

Creating environmental ambassadors in our communities

The communities close to Singita’s reserves play a key role in helping us to achieve our conservation goals, as well as preserving the integrity of each wilderness area and its ecosystem. Ensuring that communities understand and benefit from the existence of the reserve is an important element of this relationship. Despite living in such close proximity to Grumeti, many community members have never had the opportunity to view and appreciate the wildlife that we work so tirelessly to protect.

The Environmental Education Center (EEC) was established by the Grumeti Fund in response to this great need to educate the youth from these communities and to demonstrate the critical role each individual plays in minimizing their impact on the earth’s limited resources.

Key Successes:

Number of students and teachers who have studied at EEC to date.


Number of students engaged in school environmental clubs.

How it works:
  • The EEC runs residential, week-long courses for students from secondary schools bordering the concessions.
  • Twelve students accompanied by their teacher visit the EEC where they live in nature for a week and experience their natural heritage first-hand.
  • Training is carried out in an interactive classroom environment and out in the field covering a range of critical environmental issues such as deforestation, soil erosion, waste management and water conservation.
  • The combination of various learning methods gives students a well-rounded understanding of their role in our greater conservation struggles as well as equipping them with the knowledge of how they can counteract these issues.
  • Upon completion of the EEC course, these students return to their local schools and communities where they become agents of change: the catalysts for developing conservation clubs, planting indigenous trees, addressing soil erosion and tackling many other critically important environmental issues.
How to help:The ongoing success of the EEC is dependent on donations to the Grumeti Fund.
  • Sponsor one student to attend the EEC for 330 USD per 1-week course
  • Sponsor a full class (12 students + 1 teacher) 4,000 USD per 1-week course
  • Sponsor a full year of operating the EEC (288 students + 24 teachers) – this equates to 24 1-week courses: 96,000 USD
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