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Fortifying young children.

The Malilangwe Trust’s Nutrition Programme gives young learners a healthy platform to work from. Every school day, 20,000 students receive a nourishing 300ml cup of mahewu – a porridge-based drink. Apart from providing much-needed nutrition, headmasters of the schools where these drinks are distributed have confirmed that these drinks are also increasing school attendance.

The nutritious drinks:
– boost the children’s health
– support increased classroom participation
– help them thrive in school


Key Successes:

Young school children receive a mahewu-drink (300ml) every school day


Schools and 4 orphanages serve as distribution centres and benefit from the Feeding Programme


How it works:
  • Every morning, 20,000 pre-school children – mostly aged between 5-12, including those attending primary schools in the vicinity – receive a 300ml cup of mahewu at 32 community schools and 4 orphanages on the outskirts of the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve.
  • The meals are prepared by women at each site.
How to help:
  • The ongoing success of the Nutrition Programme and other projects in the region are dependent on the kind generosity of donors.
  • Fund one child's meal for every school day for USD 10 per year.
  • Fund the entire programme, which encompasses all 32 schools and 4 orphanages and feeds 20,000 children every school day, for USD 200,000 per year.
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