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Fortifying young children.

The Malilangwe Trust’s Nutrition Programme gives young learners a healthy platform to work from. Every school day, 20,000 students receive a nourishing 300ml cup of mahewu – a porridge-based drink. Apart from providing much-needed nutrition, headmasters of the schools where these drinks are distributed have confirmed that these drinks are also increasing school attendance.

The system runs in tandem with the Ministry of Health to ensure that all the centres have potable water and appropriately trained personnel administering the project.

The nutritious drinks:
– boost the children’s health
– support increased classroom participation
– help them thrive in school


Key Successes:

Young school children receive a mahewu-drink (300ml) every school day


Schools and 4 orphanages serve as distribution centres and benefit from the Feeding Programme


How it works:
  • Every morning, 20,000 pre-school children – mostly aged between 5-12, including those attending primary schools in the vicinity – receive a 300ml cup of mahewu at 32 community schools and 4 orphanages on the outskirts of the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve.
  • The meals are prepared by women at each site.
How to help:
  • The ongoing success of the Nutrition Programme and other projects in the region are dependent on the kind generosity of donors.
  • Fund one child's meal for every school day for USD 10 per year.
  • Fund the entire programme, which encompasses all 32 schools and 4 orphanages and feeds 20,000 children every school day, for USD 200,000 per year.
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