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Keeping the Shangaan culture alive

Kambako is a ‘living museum’ just outside Malilangwe Reserve and serves as an incredible showcase of the Shangaan culture. Guests to Singita Pamushana have the opportunity to visit Kambako to learn more about the skills and customs that are intrinsic to this region.

In the past, the Shangaan people were hunter-gatherers. Their lifestyle is showcased through demonstrations of traditional skills which visitors can see in action and try out for themselves. These include fire-making using the traditional method of friction, water divining, bow-and-arrow making, identifying edible tubers, fashioning traps for rodents and game birds, smelting iron to make spears and other implements, making clay pots and weaving baskets. This exciting and interactive experience will teach guests some traditional skills and a sense of really understanding the customs that have shaped the people of this region.

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