BiodiversitySingita Kwitonda Lodge Orchid Project Volcanoes National Park - Rwanda
All our conservation work, including this project, is born of our love for Africa and our need to protect it. Become a part of preserving Africa’s legacy for future generations.

This unique initiative aims to establish a comprehensive collection of indigenous orchids from the region. Set to leave a lasting legacy, the conservation collaboration with Michael Tibbs (an internationally renowned orchid specialist) showcases the delicate beauty and fragility of rare species and plays a key role in the re-establishment of endemic orchids in their natural habitats in this region.

An initial search-and-rescue project at the site of Singita Volcanoes National Park secured 5,300 Cynorkis anacamptoides orchids before the construction of the lodge commenced. These rescued plants were grown in pots in a makeshift shade house until the completion of the lodge in August 2019, and within just six months after its opening, several hundreds of orchids were flowering in situ around the lodge.

The project is of vital importance as the historic deforestation of the area for agriculture and charcoal production has led to a dramatic loss of forest habitat, placing numerous endemic species found only in this region at an increased risk of extinction. Singita actively supports the reforestation in the area.

Key Successes:

indigenous orchids


 are endemic in Rwanda

Get Involved:
  • You can help this dedicated team to achieve their goals and contribute to the unique floral legacy of the region.
  • Donations raised through the Singita VNP Conservation Fund will support the ongoing research, training and travel costs of the project team.
  • It also aims to support a five-year student grant and the establishment of shade house facilities at the Akarabo Nursery to house the collection.
  • The annual cost of the student grant – including subsistence and accommodation, travel, supplies and materials – is approximately USD 9 500.
Working with Tibbs, a comprehensive database for orchid selection, propagation and replanting artificially propagated orchids will be developed. The aim of the orchid collection is to:
  • Collect as many indigenous orchids that thrive at a 3,200m altitude as possible.
  • Create a safe and secure home for endemic and indigenous orchids that are being reintroduced across the property.
  • Showcase a comprehensive orchid collection at the Akarabo Nursery & Garden, enabling guests to enjoy their rare and unique beauty in a carefully documented and beautifully curated environment.
  • Create one of the most comprehensive collections of Ansellia africana (the Leopard Orchid) in the world and showcase its many unique varieties across the central and Southern African region.
The project is supported by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), the Director of National Parks, the Rwandan Agriculture and Livestock Inspection Service (RALIS) and the Director-General of the Ministry of Agriculture. The initiative will support a student at the University of Kigali’s Musanze Campus, who’ll be appointed and trained to undertake the artificial propagation of orchid material from Rwanda in Musanze’s laboratory facilities, located nearby Singita Volcanoes National Park.
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