Conservation at SingitaTo preserve and protect large areas of African wilderness for future generations. Watch the video
ConservationConservation at Singita is supported by three pillars, namely Biodiversity, Community and Sustainability.

Singita is a conservation company. We’ve been preserving African wilderness for the past two decades and now employ 1 200 staff across four regions on the continent with an estimated impact on 7 000 family members.

In days gone by, unspoiled wilderness on earth was found in abundance – but today it is rare, vulnerable and fragile and there is much to be done to protect these rapidly diminishing areas.

With almost one million acres of land under our care, offering an award-winning safari and hospitality experience allows Singita to partially fund the protection and preservation of this pristine land and the existing wildlife populations, not to mention helping to empower communities on the outskirts of the reserves.

3 Focus Areas of Conservation
Our conservation teams strive to restore, improve and protect the biodiversity of the ecosystems under our care to ensure they are functioning as close as possible to their natural, undisturbed state. Read more Play video
Our community teams assist communities to thrive economically and socially. Programmes have three main objectives: well-educated children; the development of small enterprises; and an improved awareness of conservation and sustainable daily living practices.Read more Play video
At Singita, a sustainable world is one in which people enjoy happy, healthy lives within their fair share of the earth’s resources, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness.Read more Play video

Sustainability is key to the future of preserving and protecting large areas of African wilderness. It is a combination of guests staying at our lodges, together with partnerships on various different levels that enables us to pursue our vision.

Our SingitaOur love for Africa and our want & need to protect it is at the core of everything we do at Singita. Watch to discover more >
Conservation in our Regions
Kruger National Park - South AfricaConservation at Singita Kruger National Park
Sabi Sand - South AfricaConservation at Singita Sabi Sand
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The success of our long-term conservation goal relies on revenue from our lodges and the generous support of donors.