Community at Singita

The long-term community development goal is to assist communities to thrive, both economically and socially.

The impact of community work is integral to the company’s 100-year conservation purpose to preserve and protect large areas of African wilderness for future generations. It isn’t enough to support the people who live in and around our lodges with token contributions to small business or education. As Luke Bailes, Singita’s founder puts it: “[community partnership] only works if our commitment to the local communities is so deep that they trust that what we’re doing, preserving this land, is in their interest.”

Community teams assist communities to thrive economically and socially in harmony with the natural environment. Programs have three main objectives: supporting quality education and skills development programmes; the development of small enterprises; and an improved awareness of conservation and sustainable daily living practices.

Our approach to Community

Children who develop in structured and stimulating environments are better able to form the strong cognitive, social, spiritual and physical foundation they need to succeed in later life.

Enterprise Development

In order to reduce the dependency on the land that is being protected, it is essential that communities have an alternative source of income and food.

Environmental Awareness

Building awareness and understanding of the importance of protecting the environment within the community is essential to the success of conservation efforts.

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Pamushana - ZimbabweCadet Ranger Programme

Cadet Ranger Programme The Malilangwe Trust’s Cadet Ranger Programme at Singita Pamushana in Zimbabwe is aimed at young men aged 16-18, and empowers them to enter the job market and become valuable members of their community. Rural areas in Zimbabwe offer scant opportunities for training, which means young people often face very uncertain futures once…

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Serengeti - TanzaniaSerengeti Girls Run

Following the success of the event in 2018, we are inviting runners of all levels to join an all-women run across the untouched wilderness areas of Singita Grumeti’s private concession in the western corridor of the Serengeti, home to a plethora of wildlife and a unique ecosystem. This exclusive, purpose-driven opportunity will raise funds towards programs for…

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Serengeti - TanzaniaScholarship Program

Building a brighter future through education The communities surrounding Singita Grumeti are brimming with young individuals who have the potential to make a difference – not only in their own family but also the larger community and the country – if they are given the opportunity to do so. This potential, unfortunately, often goes untapped…

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The Singita Community Partnership ProgrammeThis video showcases Singita’s Community Partnership Programme (CPP) in South Africa, which aims to support local communities so that they can thrive both socially and economically while living in harmony with the natural environment. It is through projects such as the Holistic Early Childhood Development Support Programme and our Digital Learning initiatives as well as the Singita Community Culinary School that CPP supports access to quality education and skills development, the development of small enterprises and an awareness of conservation and sustainable daily living practices.

Singita employs 1,200 staff within its 5 regions and deliberately maximizes monthly purchases from local enterprises. In this way, Singita plays a role in strengthening the local economy.

10,000 childrensquiggle

The number of children who received 3 years of teaching, under the guidance of the Growing to Read program at Singita Sabi Sand & Kruger National Park. 


The number of students and teachers who have attended Singita Grumeti Fund's Environmental Education courses at in the Serengeti to date.

Conservation at Singita is supported by three pillars, namely Biodiversity, Community and Sustainability.
Other Areas of Conservation
Our conservation partners strive to restore, improve and protect the biodiversity of the ecosystems under our care to ensure they are functioning as close as possible to their natural, undisturbed state. Read more
At Singita, a sustainable world is one in which people enjoy happy, healthy lives within their fair share of the earth’s resources, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness.Read more
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